An urgently important initiative focused on maximum good by enabling good people doing good deeds to prevail over bad via a collective of individuals and organizations committed to doing things correctly.

Of The Non-Optional Utmost Urgency, Importance, and Priority

The letter “C” in “Corrtive” has multiple meanings, including “Critically Important”.

Corrtive is an initiative that, unlike almost all other initiatives, for most people will be the most important single thing they have or will hear of, with key words being: important, priority, urgency.

Unlike most activities that revolve around personal preferences, opinions, fads, and incessant pitches from others trying to get you to do something, however worthwhile or not, the focus of this initiative is on items of importance that should be a priority for any rational, thinking person able to recognize what is good for them – and put it to the test and/or prove it1.

What level of priority or urgency should be assigned to any given thing?

Another meaning of the letter “C” in “Corrtive” is “Core”, as in “Core Values.”

Every effort has and will be made to assure that this series of questions encompasses in some way one or more core values that you yourself claim as being among those most important to you.

Can you answer the below questions without making excuses not to? If you have a valid reason or reasons that are not simply excuses are you able to articulate them?

Are you able to recognize what’s good for you, or not? Can you think of two specific real-life examples to confirm that ability? Is it good for all involved or just you?

Are you able to recognize and/or respond appropriately when something qualifies as not being optional?

For example, if, hypothetically, there was a crack or fault in the foundation of a building that you live or work in, such as caused the catastrophic sudden collapse of a tower of condominiums in Florida in recent years; or if you or someone you care about was planning to ride an amusement park ride containing a flaw that could result in catastrophic failure and injury; or planning a trip aboard a vehicle known to be susceptible to catastrophic failure; or travel through an area known to be susceptible to catastrophic weather events (either man-made or natural); or items in your home or office that could be hazardous – but via Corrtive™ could avoid such dangers, would that qualify as being important and a (possibly urgent) priority to you? Likewise, if there were equally significant options to enable you to benefit from positive opportunities would that qualify as being important and a (possibly urgent) priority to you?

In addition to the avoidance of negative, sub-optimal, or catastrophic outcomes Corrtive enables 25+% better results in all areas of life

Including raising children, better finances, better food, better health, better spiritual resources, better stability, a better home, better education, a better life, better resources, products, services, and simply all around better experiences and opportunities.

Do We Really Speak a Common language?

If society has reached a point where words often don’t seem to matter, then can we decide on some key words and phrases that do?

Most for-profit entities craft endless streams of words focused on selling you products or services that you may not even need or have to have, and often aren’t even in your best interest. And in many instances non-profit entities don’t do much better.

What Form and/or Structure Do You Think Corrtive Should Take?

Does a new type of entity, or at least a category or description, need to be created or are existing categories such as corporation, nonprofit, benefit corporation, etc., sufficient?

There’s more than enough good to go around

One of the best and worst kept secrets is that there are enough good people to almost instantly satisfy the needs of or provide solutions for almost everyone looking for something better — raising children, better finances, better food, better health, better spiritual resources, better stability, a better home, better education, a better life, better resources, products, services, and simply all around better experiences and opportunities.

And the ONLY THING standing in the way, quite literally, are bad actors who not only do bad but actively try to prevent good people from doing good. Worse than bad actors, who are often, though not always, easier to be weary of, are people pretending to be good people, or who maybe even (sometimes or often) are, except for their willingness to not only do bad but actively try to prevent good people from doing good.

About Corrtive™

The name “Corrtive” is a portmanteau of the first (and/or last) few letters of the words collective, correct and/or corrective.

At any given time there are enough good people able and willing to step in an do a good deed, or deeds, to a degree that almost overnight almost every legitimate need, such as those cited above, and countless more, could be met. However, the willingness of even “good” people to accept and enable bad causes the truly good people to be reluctant or unable to do so.

The purpose of Corrtive is simple, but profound, and that is simply to answer the question: Is it possible to create an environment where enough good people feel enabled to do good on a large enough scale so that everyone who could or would like to benefit is able to?

Aren’t there already good people and good causes doing good?

The short answer is yes, and no. Because despite the good that is being done, it’s not enough. Also, as explained above, there are far too many individuals and organizations who are OK with their efforts falling short, or, especially in the case of many organizations, the intention is as much if not more motivated by an interest in generating good PR (public relations) and goodwill than it is to actually do good.

That’s why studies and surveys have for decades shown steeply decreasing trust in almost every type of institution, from large to small. And because those organizations are made up of individuals it only stands to reason that bad actions coming from the organizations and entities that engage in them arise from the people within.

Corrtive is not an effort to try to get bad actors to change their ways, because human nature being what it is that’s highly unlikely to happen. But it is an effort to see if enough of the people for whom being good and treating others accordingly comes naturally can create a cooperative effort to enable maximum good.

That’s also why Corrtive will not be a place to post negative reviews, but rather will focus on the exclusivity and rarity of those who can actually truly lay claim to being focused on doing maximum good.

A “diet” of good

For example, people who aren’t already into healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle often view exercise and a healthy “diet” as not only a chore, but sometimes feel it’s so constricting they wonder if there is anything they can do or eat at all. Whereas those for whom a healthy lifestyle comes naturally not only enjoy such a lifestyle but feel better because they do. Truly doing good is similar. Not just giving it lip service or making a half effort but making a good enough effort to achieve “maximum good.”

You can’t honestly lay claim to doing good while simultaneously doing bad

Yet that’s exactly what many do. There’s little point in naming examples because, if you’ve been paying attention at all, there is no shortage of examples to choose from…

The bar has sunk so low that true good is highly valuable in and of itself

As explained earlier Corrtive will not be a place to post negative reviews. Rather the hope is to serve as a catalyst and one-of-a-kind resource for those who do good and want to do more of it.

If you are an individual or organization with an established track record of doing good and are able to differentiate yourself from those who only pretend to and you would like to learn more about or be a part of Corrtive please send an email using the Contact option (at the bottom of this page).

There is already plenty of good to go around, it just needs to be enabled

Corrtive is not promoting a theory, a hypothetical, or something that hasn’t already been invented. Unlike many ideas or initiatives focused on something they hope may come to fruition in the future, all of the good described above is possible right now.

The need for more good in the World is great, and the urgency is critically high

Hopefully some of those who happen to read this get that, and act to get in contact by sending an email to learn more.

This is the nth iteration of efforts by the creator and founder of this website and initiative to connect those doing maximum good

As time permits historical examples of some of those prior (and still existing) efforts may be added to the content here. But that history is also a part of the inspiration for the name “Corrtive”. Because people have become so accustomed to having their attentions so divided that a name could be as well thought out, descriptive, and meaningful as it possibly could be and yet still be missed or ignored. With the name “Corrtive” the focus is on what is trying to be accomplished rather than the name just serving as a catchphrase.

Corrtive is a uniquely open initiative, open to and welcoming of ideas and positive and constructive feedback. Even feedback, input and suggestions concerning what kind of structure Corrtive should take, for-profit, non-profit, etc., is currently open to ideas and suggestions. For now it is a website and an initiative operated by GRPMAX®, LLC and its Founder, Phil Covington.

Because this website is currently not being advertised or promoted in any way, and currently even instructs search engines not to index it, chances are if you found your way here it was by way of a personal invitation, meaning that a formal Privacy Policy and Terms, page, etc., are unnecessary. Nothing is currently for sale or being sold here. If there is sufficient interest then as things progress dedicated additional pages, menu structure, etc., will be added to this site. But in the meantime you’re welcome to consider the relevant Privacy Policy pages from the website to apply here as well, which, in short, are that any information submitted is only used for the intended purposes and we do not share or sell anyone’s information. Your email address will be used only for the purpose of replying to you.


Please send your email to:

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Please put “Maximum good” in the subject line (along with any other text you would like to add).


  1. A textbook example: Most citizens were doing little if anything to help conserve energy and reduce climate change, even if they said they were, until researchers found that including in energy bills comparisons to how one household’s energy usage compared to their neighbors caused many more people to try to do better. The point being, it’s one thing for someone to claim they are doing their part to help conserve energy, but quite another to put it to the test and/or prove it. ↩︎